Medical Records Request

3 Ways to Request Your Medical Records

MHC Healthcare offers multiple options to submit your medical record request, they are:

  • Complete your medical record request entirely online through hXe *
  • Download and complete a HIPAA authorization and transmit your request via fax, mail or in-person
  • Stop by in person and complete a HIPAA authorization form

* Why use hXe?

hXe provides you with real-time online status, tracking and secure messaging. Once records are ready, you will receive an email notification prompting you to log into your hXe account and download an electronic copy of your requested medical records. The entire process is completed online without leaving your desk.

If you require assistance, please call us on: 520-682-4111

Dental records cannot be requested online at this time. To request dental records, please contact our dental office at (520) 616-6200. Contact us for other medical records questions or assistance.