Dr. Rueshil Parekh

MHC Ina Health Center

  • 520-616-1531
  • 2945 W. Ina Rd. Tucson, AZ 85741
Provider Bio​

Dr. Rueshil Parekh grew up in the multicultural hub of Orange County in Southern California. He volunteered as a licensed EMT in the Caribbean alongside completing his medical education and graduating from Trinity School of Medicine in St. Vincent and the Grenadines. Dr. Parekh pursued an additional year of cardiovascular and thrombosis research at Sinai Hospital in Baltimore, Maryland where he helped implement and lead clinical trials for novel medical devices, procedures, and medications. He is excited to serve the warm hearts of the Arizonan people as a resident physician of the MHC Healthcare Family Medicine Program.

When he is not treating and advocating for his patients, Dr. Parekh is cooking up Pan-Asian cuisine, working on his next batch of kimchi, or foraging local edibles. He is also an avid lifelong singer, technology enthusiast, and can’t get enough of the ocean.