Gingivitis and Gum Disease

The Dental services department at MHC Healthcare serve both adults and children. Our dentists are committed to making dental care comfortable, accessible and affordable. Our services include preventive cleanings, restorative care, simple oral surgery, crowns, bridges, extractions, root canals and complex periodontal (gum disease) care.

Gingivitis is a mild form of gum disease that happens when inflammation and infection destroy the tissues supporting the teeth. It is typically caused by poor brushing and flossing habits. Gingivitis is an early form of periodontal disease, if left untreated it can spread to the supporting structures of the teeth.

Treatment for gingivitis includes cleaning to reduce inflammation and loosen and remove plaque or tartar deposits from the teeth. These treatments are available at multiple MHC locations. After a professional cleaning, careful oral hygiene is necessary. It is also recommended that teeth be cleaned professionally at least two times a year.

Prevention of gingivitis or gum disease includes brushing at least two times a day and flossing at least once a day as well as using antiplaque toothpaste and mouth rinses. MHC Healthcare recommends professional dental cleanings at least every 6 months.